best chess tournaments

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best chess tournaments

Post by edwardmcclain » Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:20 am

What is best chess tournaments the world has ever seen and to help raise the bar for chess tournaments worldwide.

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Re: best chess tournaments

Post by abiodun » Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:38 pm

Well Ed, I can give you my opinion on the first part of your question, but I'm baffled as how to respond to the second part of your poser.

The New York International Tournament of 1924 is at the top of my list, with the likes of Capablanca/ Alekhine/ Emanuel Lasker/ Edward Lasker/ Marshall/ Janowski/ Bogoljubow/Reti/ Yates and Maroczy ...... WoW, such talent here ! ! !


Running at a very close second is Hastings, 1895


Standing: Albin, Schlecter, Janowski, Marco, Blackburne, Maroczy, Schiffers, Gunsberg, Burn, Tinsley
Sitting: Vergani, Steinitz, Tchigorin, Lasker, Pillsbury, Tarrasch, Mieses, Teichmann

Can you imagine what these talented players might have achieved, if they had the use of just some of today's technologies we are blessed to have ..?..?..?.. Mind Bogling !
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