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time outs

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:49 am
by ramesis
Dear mr. Miller,

I have received a message from you asking me to resign on my games, I would just tell you that i lost 400 points because i want for the holiday and when i got back , my rating hads dropped from 2300 level to1800 level. Any opponentws of my mine who complains about not making a move must understand why my rating went down from 2300 to 1800, ergo, he must be on vacation and cannot move why wolud he lose 400 points rating without moving?

I know some have floor ratings so that when they time outs they do not lose anything much. my floor rating is 0 so if i do not move, i will lose my rating down to zero.

Please look and do not hear opponents who wants to play faster, I am a working man, and chess is a past time not a vocation.

Looking forward to your understanding of this matter.