Games In Progress for battousai
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Total Games: 7

GamePlayersMove#Last MoveLast WarningWhite TimeBlack TimeMatch IDYour Notepad
g1105370721selene vs. battousai439/16/20218/25/2021012d 20:06:12041d 04:24:52m1623647788 
g1105373589battousai vs. martijn149/16/2021035d 09:31:47051d 17:59:31m1629793002 
g1105373590martijn vs. battousai149/16/2021053d 17:54:44035d 09:36:34m1629793002 
g1105373593alfastar vs. battousai139/15/2021053d 00:41:28032d 02:49:50m1629793002 
g1105373594battousai vs. alfastar149/15/2021034d 06:14:13052d 21:17:05m1629793002 
g1105373595battousai vs. kezdo149/15/2021034d 15:51:02052d 11:40:16m1629793002 
g1105373596kezdo vs. battousai139/15/2021052d 22:49:56032d 04:41:22m1629793002