By checking the "Remember Password" box, your password will be remembered for 30 days (saved in a "cookie"). Note that this will result in your password being written to your hard drive whouch could potentially be obtained by anyone with access to your system. Because of this, you should not use the same password on Net-Chess.Com as the same password you use to safegaurd other sensitive information on other sites. Bad choices for passwords include your ATM PIN number, your POP e-mail password, etc. To change your password, click on "My Profile" on the Net-Chess welcome screen.

If you choose not to have your password remembered, a cookie will still be set to save your password for your current browser session. Once you close your browser, you will be required to log in when you return. Cookies which are saved only for the current browser session are not written to your hard drive, and are not readily accessible to others who gain access to your system.