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Net-Chess RSS Feeds

You can now avoid the excuciating pain involved with having to visit the Net-Chess home page just to see if it's your move. If you're an RSS user, then you can use the Net-Chess RSS feed to get a list of all of the games it's your move in.

For those not familiar with RSS feeds, they are a method of receiving and displaying tidbits of information which change frequently. To view an RSS feed, you need an RSS viewer, of which, there are thousands available. A Google Search for RSS Reader will reveal many to choose from. I perfer an on-line reader like Google Reader. Some readers will run in the background and pop up an alert when new information is available, that way you can do other things and not have to keep hitting the "refresh" button all day.

The URL for the RSS feed has to be crafted to include your username so that it can show only your games. If you don't use the correct URL, you'll get an error message when you use the RSS feed. If you're currently logged in, a URL will appear below that includes the RSS URL you need, if you're not logged in, you can either log in and re-visit this page, or modify the URL by hand.

The URL for the RSS feed is Be sure to replace the YOURUSERNAME with your username. For example if your username is gmiller, the URL you would use is

You're not logged in. Either edit the URL manually, or log in and come back to this page.

An example of what the RSS feed looks like in Firefox using the Sage plugin: