Users listed in blue are the current point leaders for their match. Users listed in red do not have enough games remaining to catch the point leader in their match. Users listed in black can catch the point leader. Users listed in green cannot be passed by any other players in their match. Lines with a grey background are matches where the result is determined. Lines with dark grey background are matches where all games are completed.

The numbers next to players names are the number of points won, the number of games finished, and the number of games remaining.

The original rules page is available here

Round 3

8 players in 1 matches.
m1513043380rosenmud 10:14:0cnita 9.5:14:0sbelanoff 8.5:14:0munbehend 8.5:14:0rickdragon 7:14:0angelofthenight 6.5:14:0eraymond 6:14:0gcohen 0:14:056 of 56 finished

Round 2

24 players in 5 matches.
m1499126038gcohen 6.5:8:0jessamine 5.5:8:0zozo 4.5:8:0jasperchess 2:8:0dutchessking 1.5:8:0  20 of 20 finished
m1499126040rosenmud 6.5:8:0asoka 5:8:0georgedimitrov 3:8:0ppost 3:8:0fernandopawn 2.5:8:0  20 of 20 finished
m1499126044rickdragon 6:8:0munbehend 6:8:0rajagopal 5.5:8:0jasperp 2.5:8:0pops 0:8:0  20 of 20 finished
m1499126047angelofthenight 6:8:0ramawolf 5:8:0katagamsky 5:8:0interliner 3.5:8:0pcmvr 0.5:8:0  20 of 20 finished
m1499126049eraymond 4:6:0sbelanoff 4:6:0cnita 4:6:0jpost 0:6:0   12 of 12 finished

Round 1

The following players were finalist in the 2016 tournament and will receive a bye to round 2:
cnita ramawolf munbehend fernandopawn gcohen
Content-type: text/html 98 players in 16 matches.
m1486320108jessamine 10:10:0knightmare 7:10:0filipd 6.5:10:0lga 4.5:10:0jeanlucb 2:10:0jlbaf 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320110rosenmud 10:10:0chesspal 8:10:0gregorgysi 6:10:0petre 4:10:0paulseacroft 2:10:0cristero 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320113interliner 10:10:0boeien 8:10:0smoothoperator 4.5:10:0alanwsp 4.5:10:0jlanoy 3:10:0dixsept 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320114eraymond 9:10:0asoka 9:10:0mrichardson 6:10:0imreallylousy 3.5:10:0jboger 2.5:10:0dcroll 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320116jasperchess 10:10:0rstilt 6.5:10:0cborri 5.5:10:0rogeliovargas 4.5:10:0tomy 3.5:10:0bgnagy 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320118ppost 9:10:0rollerblade 7.5:10:0vcekota 4.5:10:0pwillows 3.5:10:0mi 3:10:0bmurtinho 2.5:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320120pops 9.5:10:0jvanmechelen 6.5:10:0johnlittle 5.5:10:0jjrizzo 5.5:10:0pblanctranchant 3:10:0ramesis 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320123sbelanoff 10:10:0cirovicz 7.5:10:0princeflash 6.5:10:0sbderkach 4:10:0aggressis 2:10:0manishkhanchandani 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320124rajagopal 10:10:0hbodon 8:10:0rthurc 6:10:0pallen 4:10:0wildknights 2:10:0vhilts 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320126katagamsky 10:10:0aperturaf 8:10:0agostinhoarruda 5.5:10:0gambit 4.5:10:0ringo 2:10:0samyaksamadhi 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320128pcmvr 8.5:10:0maxatan 8:10:0cadam 7.5:10:0redketchuplover 3:10:0tche 3:10:0vasylpuzanov 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320130angelofthenight 10:10:0coora 8:10:0georginoh 6:10:0fpowers 4:10:0sisterofmercy 2:10:0easyforview 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320132jasperp 9:10:0georgedimitrov 9:10:0bonaparte 5:10:0irrawang 3.5:10:0cathar 3.5:10:0paull 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320135jpost 9.5:10:0justforfun 8.5:10:0rpanugaling 5.5:10:0mic 4.5:10:0sonrisante 2:10:0johnwinston 0:10:0 30 of 30 finished
m1486320136rickdragon 12:12:0lethe 9:12:0davidloza 8:12:0sasikumar 7:12:0gmiller 3.5:12:0olo 2:12:0gstevenson 0.5:12:042 of 42 finished
m1486320139dutchessking 10:12:0zozo 10:12:0battousai 9:12:0smap 6:12:0ruymoultor 4:12:0rsca 3:12:0baumel 0:12:042 of 42 finished