Some tips which may help before you start

1. Joining.
Joining is very simple. Simply fill out this form, and press submit. There are absolultley no fees invlolved.
Username: (First initial + last name)
Init Rating: (800-Beginner, 1000-Below Average, 1500-Average, 2000-Very Good)
Your initial rating only effects your ability to enter your first few matches. After your first five games are completed, your rating will be calculated as if you had no initial rating. If you have an established ELO rating with another organization such as USCF or FIDE, e-mail the administrator to have your rating automatically promoted to established. Your e-mail address will not be revealed to any other users, nor will it be given to any third party.
Note that profanity of any kind is grounds for removal from the system.
2. Getting a list of matches you can join.
You can get a list of matches you can join by clicking the "Start A Game" link on the left side of the home page. The button below will also pull up the same list:
I recommend you join a match with at least 6 players. A couple of the players will time out before making their first move (no doubt), and you'll be left with games against 3-4 people. The match may not start immediatley, it will only start after the required number of players have joined the match. For a 6 player match, it might take a day; 10 player match might take one or two days before it fills up and the games start. After a match does start, you'll be notified by e-mail listing all of the games involved. At that point, come back to the site and log in, and you'll be presented with a list of the games it's your move in.
Please make sure to read the directions at the bottom of the "Start A Game" page, particularly the explanation of the time controls.
4. Playing a game in progress.
Once you've got a match started, you'll be e-mailed all of the pairings for that match. Then come to the site and click the "My Games" link from the main page. This will present you with a list of all of the games which you have in progress. Click on the game you want and this will display the game board which you will use to make your moves. Anytime you make a move, your opponent will be e-mailed the move.
To see a list of all of your games in progress, click